6 Amazing Movie Gadgets that Became a Reality


1. Nike Mag (Back to the Future Sneakers) 

Back to the Future was one of the landmark movies of the 80s about a time-hopping teen and an eccentric scientist. Its sequel, the also very popular Back to the Future II, made some predictions about the future year of (ahem) 2015, including the super-cool Nike sneakers that soon became the stuff of legend for all 80s kids. And true enough, after their debut 27 years ago, Nike made the self-tying shoes into a (limited-edition) reality with all the proceeds going to the Michael J. Fox  Foundation for Parkinson’s Research

2. Hoverboards

Back to the Future introduced us to another covetable gadget - the hoverboard. No, we’re not talking about the two-wheel-based so-called “hoverboards” that we have today, but real hoverboards that are the natural evolution of the skateboard from ground to air! Hoverboards actually exist and are very real. So real that there’s a Guinness World Record for the farthest flight made by a hoverboard. The only problem is that it hasn’t made its way to the commercial market yet *sad face* *broken heart emoji.*

3. Smartwatches

Remember those old spy movies where everything the main character (basically the spy) wore had many secret uses? From shoes with hidden jetpacks in them to watches that can do practically anything and everything while looking suave as hell. Seriously, these watches could’ve singlehandedly (no pun intended) ended WWII. I've always wanted a watch like that, and with today’s smartwatches it doesn’t seem like such an futuristic fantasy anymore. 

4. Spy glasses

Spy glasses were another spy movie item that we all dreamed of as kids. X-ray vision? Check. Binocular-style zoom? Check. Secretly takes photos? Facial recognition? Check and check. And the list of awesome features goes on and on. Our childhood dream has now become a reality, thanks to Google Glass. It basically does everything you can do with your phone- but with glasses instead.

5. Holograms

Holograms are a projection of a 3D object into the real world, which have been predicted by countless sci-fi and superhero movies since the beginning of time. To put it simply, holograms would allow you to see something that doesn’t exist, or is kilometers/light years away, just as if it was right in front of you. It’s a body of light that has the same shape and colors as whatever you’re trying to copy, so you could use it to see anything from an Um Kalthoum live concert, to helping space researchers feel like they really are on Mars seeing through the eyes of bots like the Mars Rover. 

6. Self-Driving Cars

Can anyone honestly say they didn't wish they had Will Smith’s Audi in iRobot? This is no longer a sci-fi concept as it's already being executed by many companies, such as Google, Uber and Tesla. Self-driving cars will play a huge role in traffic safety, plus, in Tesla’s case, they're more eco-friendly, so double win!