7 Movies You Have To Watch This December


Seems like the best and most promising movies of 2016 have all been squeezed into the last remaining weeks of an otherwise cinematically lame year. So we have a lot of catching up to do... 


1) Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

After last year's highly successful Star Wars revival, aptly named The Force Awakens, we should expect many more installments to come. Rogue one, though, is a stand-alone film, not a sequel to The Force Awakens. It's set before the original trilogy and after the prequels (so, between Episode III: Revenge of the Sith and Episode IV: A New Hope, for anyone keeping track of the timeline). Don't expect a lot of familiar characters, except maybe Darth Vader's friendly mug. Watch out for one of the breakout actors of the year Riz Ahmed, the British-Pakistani Muslim star of one of the best shows of 2016, The Night Of.

2) Arrival

It's been in theaters for a while, so try to catch it before it's too late. A sci-fi about a linguist communicating with aliens to save humanity from a cosmic war, is also, according to its star Amy Adams, essentially about a mother telling her story to her kid. With a strong leading performance, Arrival has put Amy Adams on the forefront of possible Oscar winners this year. About time, we say.

3) Assassin's Creed

Based on the incredibly popular Assassin's Creed game with a huge fan base, the movie is sure to be a box office hit. We're also counting on it breaking a streak of bad (and occasionally embarrassing) game-to-movie screen adaptations, as it stars one-of-the-best-actors-of-his-generation Michael Fassbender and Oscar darling, Marion Cotillard. Here's to hoping that this will be one epic action-adventure. 

4) Passengers

One of the most talked about movies of the year, starring Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt. This blockbuster-wannabe is not getting much love from critics, but it has two of the biggest and most popular Earth stars on a malfunctioning, intergalactic spaceship carrying most of the screen time on their own, amidst thousands of Sleeping Beauty passengers. So, yeah, maybe give it a try...?


5) Hacksaw Ridge

An inspiring true story about sticking to your beliefs and values despite major challenges and in the face of, well, war. This Mel Gibson-helmed drama stars Andrew Garfield (better known as The Amazing Spider-Man, and Mark Zuckerberg's right hand man in The Social Network), and co-stars a surprisingly great performance by Vince Vaughn. 


6) La La Land

This is the movie we deserve after a very long and horrifying year. A beautifully-crafted and acted spectacle for the dreamers. Sure, it's a musical, but this should not turn-off those who are not fans of the genre. It is an exquisite production (as most critics seem to agree) by Whiplash's director, starring Emma Stone in a sure to be Oscar-nominated role (she already won Venice Festival's Best Actress prize) and an equally great Ryan Gosling. We can't wait to see it! 


7) Moana

Disney's latest is a gorgeous adventure starring the voice of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and newcomer Auli'i Cravalho. Will it be the next Frozen?