10 Feel-Good Movies For When You're Having A Bad Day


#1 Les Intouchables

A charming French dramedy about a well-off invalid, his ex-con caretaker and the unlikely friendship that changes their lives.

#2 Big Fish

A dying man narrates his incredibly adventurous life story to his estranged son.

#3 Frances Ha

If you've ever wondered what Amelie Poulain would be like if she were a New Yorker, then Frances Ha is your answer. An essential viewing for every 20-something woman trying to figure out her place in life.

#4 Begin Again

This is a movie about career-comebacks, second chances, closure, Keira Knightley's singing debut, Adam Levine's movie debut, and Mark Ruffalo being awesome.

#5 Midnight in Paris

A magical and whimsical Woody Allen masterpiece about a writer that time travels to 20s Paris on his midnight walks.

#6 Moonrise Kingdom

While any Wes Anderson creation is infectiously colorful and geometrically pleasing enough to earn a slot on this list, Moonrise Kingdom is the contender here for its championing of young love, innocence and adventure.

#7 Billy Elliot

A beautiful story about an English boy from a working class family who has to overcome stereotypes to become a professional ballet dancer.

#8 Big Hero 6

A criminally underrated animation. Watch it if you haven't already.

#9 اشاعة حب

An iconic legacy of Egyptian cinema's golden age and a beloved movie that one keeps going back to every once in a while. 

#10 الناظر

A modern Egyptian classic by all accounts, El Nazer's punchlines will always be hilarious, no matter how many times you've seen it (they even seem to get funnier, somehow).