If Star Wars Was Made In Egypt...


1. The cast would've been:

2. Some key scenes would've been slightly different.

3. Han Solo wouldn't have been as cool.

4. Yoda's source of wisdom would've been because of a different "Force". 

5. Obi-Wan would've explained the Force a bit differently to Luke.

6. Darth Vader's rhetoric would've been closer to home.

7. Luke's parents would've been more embarrassing. 

محفظتك معاك -
ايوة يا ماما -
موبايلك معاك - 
ايوة يا ماما -
فورسك معاك -
ايوة يا ماما ايوة -
ماشي يلا لا اله الا الله، ماي ذا فورس بي وذ يو يا حبيبي -
ان شاء الله يا ماما ويز يو تو -