Your Glocal Stop for Entertainment!

The Glocal is the digital content platform of Core Republic, the company that brought you 4 of the most popular magazines in Egyptian history -- Campus, G Mag, E7na and Egypt Treasures (distributed on EgyptAir flights), as well the Middle East's first online TV channel, El Gomhoreya TV (elgtv).

The Glocal is a one-of-a-kind website in the Middle East, being the first to provide a unique mix of content that's relevant locally, but also making sure Egyptian (and regional) content is always at the forefront of global media trends. We were the first internationally to simultaneously provide both English and Arabic content (articles, videos, memes, GIFs, infographics, etc), and our tone is one that's always fresh, irreverent, daring (we're not afraid to poke fun at the powers that be!), and we pride ourselves on our ability to laugh at ourselves as well as at the rest of the world.

We're young but strongly believe in our generation and the future ones, and want to create content that's relevant, transparent, shareable, and holds up a truthful mirror to our society, relationships, politics, culture and all that falls in between.