6 Reasons You Shouldn't Be A Mouth-Breather


Here are some reasons why in yoga (and therefore, life), breathing through one's nose should be our natural state.  No matter what excuses you use to remain a mouth-breather, practice and determination always wins.  By focusing on the breath, it allows you to stay in a specific state of mind (calm and focused). Additionally, it keeps heat regulated in the body and hence more physical and mental endurance.  Once we make our unconscious habits (breathing) more conscious, things can change dramatically.

For the non-yogic mortals out there, please consider an alternate way of being and question your excuses for not doing so.  The most common and lazy excuse I hear is, "How can I breathe through this pollution?", assuming one needs a mask or filter.  Did you consider that your nose is a really efficient and healthy filter?

Here is why you cannot trust a mouth-breather.

1.   "محدش يفتح بقه فى القاهرة ، استعمل مناخيرك و خليك فى الامان"

Please do not breathe through your mouth. Anywhere. Ever. If you are wondering why your immunity is so low in this God-forsaken country, this is probably why. It is appalling how doctors rarely address this point that could empower their subjects to feel a little more in control of their minds and bodies.

​2. "خد نفس عميق من مناخيرك و خليك كووول"

You will find yourself assuming a better posture whether standing sitting, or moving around, once you start breathing through your nose. Mouth-breathers may find your new skill enviable, since you may appear more relaxed and focused, even taller.  Mouth-breathing not only makes you look like a dimwit, but you do literally become dimwitted. No joke.

3. " اطفى سيجارتك و اتنفس من مناخيرك"

Smoking is arguably addictive, not only for the nicotine, but simply because of the focus required to take a long drag through the filter and then slowly and smoothly exhaling the smoke. One can be addicted to that temporary emptying of one's mind via smoking, yet continues to be a mouth breather!  What if breathing through one's nose was done with the same smooth focus (steady inhales and exhales) as a cigarette? Or shisha? Use your imagination and you may quit smoking entirely.

4.  "اقفل بقك و خليك كيوت"

Mouth breathers are big business for dentists and doctors, being mouth-breathers themselves. Check this out:

5.  "مش هارقص معاك الا لما تقفل بقك"

The breath of a mouth-breather is that of a demon, to put it mildly.  Besides not knowing how to kiss, they will keep it short because their sinuses are often blocked.  It's quite a stressful state to be in. 

6.  "النفس من المناخير بيعمل دماغ على فكرة"

​Finally, here is Kiki's video that elaborates more on the topic.