10 Cairo Restaurants With Beautiful Interior Designs


1) Shakespeare and Co. (City Stars, Sheikh Zayed, Maadi)

This is not your typical grandma's vintage dining room. With its bright colors, eclectic pieces of furniture and the utmost attention to detail, it's more like a whimsical tumblr blog that came to life. 

Shakespeare and CoPhotos via Shakespeare and Co.

2) Abou El Sid (Zamalek, Maadi, Heliopolis, Giza)

A place where you feel right at home yet nostalgic for a time you weren't even around to personally witness.

Abou El Sid (Zamalek, Maadi, Heliopolis, Giza)Photos via Abou El Sid

3) Caracas (Maadi, Mohandessin, New Cairo, Sheikh Zayed)

A quintessentially Mediterranean-style restaurant. The Maadi branch has the most picturesque outdoor seating area. 

Caracas (Maadi, Mohandessin, New Cairo, Sheikh Zayed)Photos via Caracas

4) Tamara (City Stars, New Cairo, Sheikh Zayed)

Another Lebanese bistro with gorgeous, understatedly elegant designs that give off all the right vibes of calm and serenity in the midst of the stuffiness of their host malls.

Tamara (City Stars, New Cairo, Sheikh Zayed)Photos via Binti Home

5) Zooba (Zamalek, Maadi, City Stars, New Cairo)

Distinctive for its bright colors and vivid turquoise door, the eatery has become the forefront ambassador of the "baladi chic" movement.

Zooba (Zamalek, Maadi, City Stars, New Cairo)Photos via Sigma and Fathom

6) Sequoia (Zamalek)

The Zamalek hotspot is not only popular for its scenic Nile view and delicious food, but also for its gorgeous designs (especially so during Ramadan).

Sequoia (Zamalek)

Photos via Trustious and tripadvisor

7) Cucina (JW Marriott)

Egypt's own Little Italy. This adorable restaurant all but requires its own Schengen.

Cucina (JW Marriott)

Photo via Marriott

8) Sachi (Heliopolis)

Widely-known and revered for its polished and luxurious interiors as well as for its scrumptious meals.

Sachi (Heliopolis)

Photos via Sachi

9) Beetroot (Zamalek)

Previously Lemon Tree, Beetroot is an intimate Nile-side venue, with candles, muted colors and a mix of modern and vintage touches.

Beetroot (Zamalek)Photos via Beetroot

10) Gaby's (City Stars, Sheikh Zayed)

A wholesome and effortlessly chic place where you'd imagine Audrey Hepburn would have her brunch.

Photos via Gaby's

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